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Dr. Dahiya’s goal with rhinoplasty is to bring the nose into harmony with the other facial features of the face. The nose must be considered in the context of a person’s ethnicity, height, gender, and other facial features like the eyes, lips, and jawline. Paying attention to these elements and listening to each patient’s concerns allows Dr. Dahiya to achieve surgical results that natural and unique to each patient.

Breathing is of course the primary functions of the nose. Many factors can impair breathing through the nose including anatomic features that have been present from childhood to those that are the result of injury or previous nasal surgery. Nasal obstruction can be the primary or secondary goal of a rhinoplasty and Dr. Dahiya will be sure to examine your nose for potential sites of obstruction and explain how these areas can be corrected.

As Dr. Dahiya is board certified in cosmetic surgery and otolaryngology his rhinoplasty technique results in the desired appearance, as well as full functionality of the nose. His expertise allows him to perform primary (first time) rhinoplasty as well as complex revision rhinoplasty.

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