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A facelift is a surgical procedure that addresses visible signs of aging in the lower cheeks, face, and neck. Sagging skin caused by loss of skin tone in the lower face creates jowls and deep lines in the neck. A facelift is one of the most effective procedures for turning back the hands of time by restoring more youthful contours to the face and neck. Overall providing a fresher and rejuvenated look.

Dr. Dahiya is highly trained in many different techniques including the S-Lift and Deep-Plane facelift. This procedure is completed in office under local anesthesia leading to faster recovery times. In having completed over 6,000 facelifts, Dr. Dahiya has created several unique techniques that achieve a more natural and longer lasting result.

Over many years and after thousands of procedures Dr. Dahiya has recognized the importance of rejuvenating all three “layers” that cause signs of aging in the face. Dr. Dahiya has spent a lot of time in truly understanding how people and facial skin ages. Dr. Dahiya’s three-layer approach addresses the skin, loss of volume or fullness to the face, and the deeper layer of the muscles in the face including the SMAS fascia and platisma muscle in the neck.

When Dr. Dahiya thinks about rejuvenating a face he thinks of all three layers in order to give a natural, vibrant, and younger look.

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